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Google it and you will find a lot of information

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Google it and you will find a lot of info (aussie slang down under)

Resultado de imagen de australian aboriginal art   AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL ART

Exclusively aimed at children, containing really useful information, videos, games, pictures, and even badges, also useful for 'gamification'.

Links for Australian Music to work with Primary students

Information about Australia on several aspects

ANZAC DAY. New Zealand and Australia

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Click on the picture for an activity in 2nd year ESO, by Julia Alonso Fernández.

Imagen relacionadaThese iconic biscuits were originally made to send to the ANZACs (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) serving in the WWI. They are very easy to prepare. Click on the picture for the recipe and ejoy them.

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This activity intended for 2º ESO students deals with things related to the Australian wildlife, as well as it intends to deepen into writing, reading, and speaking skills too. It also intends to teach vocabulary related to the Australian fauna. By Alberto García Cascón.

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Decorate your boomerang and learn about the country using this ready-made activity for 2nd Year Primary, by Cristina I. Sánchez.

Click here if you also want to enjoy the video.

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